Muhammad Sarfaraz Sial                           CEO

He has vast experience and numerous accomplishments in real estate, Life Residencia reflects most of his vision of a community where goals are realized and dreams are fulfilled. He is committed to directing a firm making prudent judgments with development and accomplishing his goals. Building houses that retain happiness and love while incorporating innovation and consideration for a bright future is our obvious purpose.

Zaigham Qadri                                          Advisor to CEO

Our Trusted advisor through his experience provides strategic guidance and wisdom that supports company progress. He has 25 years of global expertise in entrepreneurship, real estate, and hospitality management, having working experience in Dublin, the USA, and the UK. A visionary leader primed to elevate your strategic direction.

Areesha Chaudhary                                          Managing Director

She is a certified Director from LUMS University Lahore and has served in several executive positions. Areesha Chaudhary possesses strong leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving skills along with a nice blend of vast expertise in corporate management. Her primary responsibilities encompass overseeing the entire organization’s strategic direction and ensuring the efficient execution of company plans. Her vision and dedication inspire us all to pursue excellence.