Our Story

The Safehand group started its journey on 2009, with the sole ambition to sell sustainable houses to the masses who wished to live in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

With genuine efforts, the safehand group, which its fledging business at that time, succeeded in delivering two projects in the span of almost 6 years. It took 2.5 years to build 50 Villas in B-17 with the name Multi Royal Villas. Second project contained 109 houses under the name Abdullah Gardens which was delivered in 3 years. This focus, commitment and precision led the Safehand group to build its third housing project; The Life Residencia which comes complete with all the amenities and is positioned close to new international airport Islamabad and CPEC.

The Safehand group enriched people’s lives by building them the state of the art projects without being heavy on the pocket. Abdullah Gardens and multi royal villas were the plans which, through their triumphant execution, lifted the safehand group above the rest in a sort span. We did this by ensuring that all the agents and each member who build us had the knowledge, talent and professional commitment.

It is with passion like this that we proudly claim our title as one of the best real estate marketing and building groups that offer the consumers a better deal, take care of them and are consistent.